Who Needs Windows While Driving?

If you haven’t already read “Welcome to Cottonwood Creek”, this post won’t make much sense to you. This is a chronological story. If you started from the beginning…happy reading!

Here was my drive with Steve a few days ago as we went to pick up more wood from a friend’s 100 year old home.  They gave us wood, too.  We’re using these boards for the outside of the cabin, and for the floor of the loft.

Then it was time to pick up our front door and the frame to go with it. Heck, let’s just put it in the car! Who needs to see out the front window…or any other window? The kids are curled up on the floor board of the car. Just kidding. (Had they been with us, they would have been.)

Do you see those skinny brown boards between the wide ones?  That was my project.  They were new pine.  I had to age them.  Thanks to the internet, I found the magical recipe of vinegar mixed with tea and a steel wool pad.  Let it sit for 24 hours, and suddenly you can age wood.

Here’s a picture of the pine before and after.  Then I got to use my most favorite tool again to cut them up, and even used Mountain Man’s handy nail gun and nailed ’em on up!  Yes, ME.  (I can’t believe it, either.)  In fact, I’m likely more shocked than you are.


Next post is “Time To Look UP!” See how we got our whole ceiling for FREE!

One thought on “Who Needs Windows While Driving?

  1. Gretch I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. I would like to say that I’m surprised but when it comes to you and Steve I’m just not! This is quite the undertaking. I would love to someday stay at Cottonwood Creek. I just have to ask though…..You will have some sort of air-conditioning? Keep us posted. Love you.


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