Tossing Plans Out the Window!

Steve, Jeremiah, and I have made many plans through this log home building process, as anyone would. But most of those plans have not turned out anywhere near as planned. (Isn’t that life?)

This last week was supposed to be (in our minds) filled with many expectations. Steve’s friend was “planning” to come last Monday (Feb 4th) to peel logs for two days, but he couldn’t come after all. He is “planning” to come out this week. (We will see.)

The guys planned on getting many rows of logs put up per day, but unforeseen complications with tools prevented that from being remotely possible. Like, the power washer we wanted to strip logs with didn’t work and took Steve hours to attempt to repair it, with no success…

Our family-friends, the Mathieus, came out to visit and encourage us. Hearing about our need (or desire) for a power-washer, Tom offered his to use.  Dixie (Steve’s mom) went into San Antonio to get it for us, and while in transit, the washer knocked into her rear window of her car and shattered it…

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the borrowed power washer didn’t knock off a single chip of bark.

Oh well. Back to the scrapers and bigger arm muscles! Mallory is a log stripper she-woman! She has come out 5 or 6 times now to peel logs, and is awesome at it.

That wasn’t the only tool problem. The demolition hammer we bought isn’t driving the rebar far enough down into the logs, as hoped, forcing the guys to hammer in the last few inches with sledge hammers. (SERIOUSLY??  What does that say about the strength of their arm muscles compared to a huge POWER TOOL??!)  Two handles have broken off the sledge hammers thus far, requiring the purchase of new ones. Not part of our plan.

I have been the caterer for the building crew all this time, ensuring that they were well fed. I’ve also been the errand runner, getting any parts and tools they’ve needed so the didn’t have to stop working. But, my car stopped working on Friday. It just flat out stopped running while driving down the street getting my teenager to church for a fun weekend event.

Fortunately, Jeremiah was driving it. (I would have panicked.). It is now in the shop, and might be my motor, which will be thousands of dollars and a couple weeks worth of repair. Ugh. DEFINITELY not part of our plan. Roll with the punches!

Jeremiah locked his keys in his Jeep Sunday….with our checkbook inside…when the logger got here with the last load of logs. Fortunately a quick text to our neighbor Jacob brought him over with a coat hanger.

Hmmm. What else? I just know there’s more.

However, if I look at what the Bible says, God tells me that we “can” make plans for our life…but ultimately He decides on the outcome…particularly if we have very specifically asked Him to be fully in control and guide us (which we asked Him to do).

Proverbs 16:9 “We can make our plans, but The Lord determines our steps.”

Proverbs 19:21 says “You can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail.”

Notice the words “can” and “but” in those two verses. We “can”….but. And notice Who is ultimately in control of potential plans. Hmmmm.

Thats not to say that He caused the bad things to happen. I think they just occurred, and He knew they would.  But HE brought additional, unexpected blessings in along the way. Therefore, we have to roll with the punches, be willing to tweak plans, and see what God does, instead.

As for this week of altered plans and events? It has turned out great, in spite of the unexpected and unwelcomed complications. For example, we had several friends from church who wanted to come try log peeling, not knowing that we needed it. Thank you to Jeff and Rhonda for coming out and encouraging us and peeling!











Gina and Charlie decided to come visit, along with Dixie.







Mallory, our log stripping she-woman, was off peeling logs the whole time we were playing. Telehandler rides to tree tops isn’t her gig.

These visits were not in our plans, but were in God’s, and made our week great, in spite of the cars and tool problems.

Another surprise blessing was opening The McGuire House for guests.   Our church had a big annual youth weekend with the Firetown Band and Brenton Dowdy playing the worship music. (They are on the Internet). The drummer and his wife stayed in our B&B. It was such a blessing to me to have them there. Again…unplanned, but God knew it would happen!

Today, a fireman friend of Steve’s (Jeff) unexpectedly came. This was his first time out here. He has stripped several logs so far, and has been helping the guys get the logs up. Another huge, unplanned blessing.




Not everything was unplanned this week. We expected a log delivery, and got it. Sadly, it’s our last load. I’ve come to enjoy waiting on the logging truck and watching them get unloaded. It’s like Christmas or a huge UPS delivery! Many of the logs on this load were bigger in diameter than any others we’ve gotten so far.

Jacob came over to rescue our checkbook from the locked Jeep, and we asked the log delivery man to pose for a picture with us. He, too, had enjoyed the process, and wants to come back to see it finished. New, unplanned friendships have been formed through logs. Go figure.





My shoe is on the TAPERED end, not the fat end!

Here was the very last log….(sniff sniff)…



That’s Steve, the log delivery man (Joe), Jeremiah, and Jacob our neighbor.

One last VERY unexpected and unplanned part of my week was driving T-Rex.  This is hardly blog-worthy, but I had to conquer my fear and feelings of intimidation to get behind the wheel and learn the controls. But I did it!! (Giving myself a back pat and high five.)





Surprise surprise! It was ME shimmying the Huth boys up into the trees.

Another thing I learned to do, today, is cut rebar. You do it on a special saw. Sparks start to fly and it’s loud, but at least I feel helpful.

See the sparks in the picture above…near the red area? (Shhhhh. Don’t let Steve know I was taking a picture while cutting.) Don’t try this at home, boys and girls!



As of now, the last unplanned blessing just occurred a few minutes ago. Our neighbor, Mona, came to visit and brought us a Donkey Ear plant.

She loves this house and thinks the whole process is fascinating. We agree!

Proverbs also says “Trust in The Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” We have had to do just that all week. We had no understanding or way of foreseeing each hour’s outcome . But, in the end, though our original plans never panned out, logs went up, lives were touched, and great memories were added to the process.

We will continue to make plans, because God says we “can”.  But, we need to expect those plans to change, and go with the flow, so that His “purpose will prevail.”

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One thought on “Tossing Plans Out the Window!

  1. I know the plans I have for you says the Lord!! Cabin is looking great. We will get out there one of these days – I just know it!!!


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