In Mourning

Today’s post is written in sadness. Today is my last day with my other love. (Sigh). T-Rex is leaving me. Seems like just weeks ago he entered my life and heart, lifting me up to high places with his brute strength. (Well… I guess it really was just weeks ago. Time flies so fast!!)

To assist me in reaching feelings of closure, I want to pay tribute to T-Rex, my beloved telehandler. As you look on, hum the song “You lift me uuuuup, so i can stand on moun….tains. You RAAAAAISE me up….to more than I could be. I am strooooong, when I am on your shoul-ders (or forks), you raise me up, to more than I can be.” (Great song. We’ve been singing it for weeks.)























What would we have done without T-Rex? It has taken us only 8 weeks to get pyramids built and poured, logs peeled and up, rafters and decking boards up, black paper up, and house pressure washed from top to bottom. Without T-Rex, that time would have been at least doubled, and bodies more exhausted. Best investment we’ve made in a very long time. $2000 per month for 2 months.

In addition to the obvious work T-Rex helped us accomplish, we’ve had hours of fun riding over the treetops, and sending friends up there, and felt safer when on the rooftop.

I gained a tad more (much needed) self-confidence, realizing that I could control such a huge and intimidating vehicle with multiple levers. My children gained self confidence for the same reason, and were able to assist us in “huge” ways during the build being behind the wheel.

I am going to GREATLY miss my T-Rex. Goodbye my friend and “other love”. I’ll never forget you. (sniff sniff)





Onto “A Door Into My Life“…. see you there.  If you just stumbled onto this blog, click here: “What is Cottonwood Creek”.  If you want to start from the beginning of our story and watch us build our 130-year old guest house, click here: “Welcome to Cottonwood Creek”.   If you want to just start with us building our log home, click here: ‘What to Vegas and logs have in common?”  

4 thoughts on “In Mourning

  1. I am THRILLED that you went! Thank you for the compliment! I only wish we had been there to hug and greet you. Steve wants you guys to dig another tank in the area where the plywood pieces and leftover logs are sitting, across drive from log home, by road. We have been talking about that many times. Will have to wait til we are done though… But definitely doing that. Come by again!


  2. We’ve really enjoyed watching the progress. We took an afternoon drive yesterday and went to have a peek. Lovely and so peaceful. We walked back to the cabin and tank, looks great. Hope you don’t mind that we went in for a peek. You guys have done amazing things!


  3. LOL!!!!!! I am dying laughing! I might have to take you up on operating your T. But I fear it will break my heart all over again. So, I will window watch for the delivery of your lottery gift. You’re such a good friend! Lol


  4. You guys are crazy! I started chuckling at the sheer number of photos of t-rex you had! If you get bored this summer, you can come up to Colorado and drive the one I’m renting if you want. If I ever win the lotto, you’ll be getting a bright, shiny t-rex for a gift. But I don’t buy tickets, so don’t hold your breath. 🙂


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