List Of All Posts In Order

Welcome to our story!  Unlike some blogs that are just daily thoughts, unrelated from day to day…our blog is an ongoing story.  It’s chronological.   I’m adding new posts as our story develops.

Here’s a list of all the posts on this blog, in chronological order.  It starts with the post “Welcome to Cottonwood Creek,” which tells why and how we got this land in the first place…which is a VERY unusual, very interesting story.

The next few posts go into detail about the building of our Bed and Breakfast (again…very interesting).

Posts #9 and #10 start the story of the log house build.

But, I recommend that you read the first 9 posts to learn about us, how we got here, and why we started building the log house in the first place, or read the post called “What Do Vegas and Logs Have In Common?”  

As of now, people in over 100 countries have seen our story.  Most everyone reads through the entire thing like a book.  We hope you enjoy our story. (For other personal stories of mine, go to

Happy reading!

1. Welcome To Cottonwood Creek

2. Buying A 25′ Tall Teepee

3. Age And Youth Collide

4. Moving Indoors

5. Who Needs Windows While Driving?

6. Time To Look Up!

7. What Do You Get With Wire and Hollow Poles?

8. Finishing Touches

9. “It is finished.”

10. What Do Vegas and Logs Have In Common?

11. Loggers and Quick Sales

12. New Wheels

13. ROAD TRIP!!!

14. It’s Time To Strip!

15. Whack-a-mole & Seesaw

16. The First Logs Are Up

17. “No chatting! Just stacking!”

18. Tossing Plans Out the Window!

19. The 2013 Log Home Builder Olympics

20. Bringing In The Big Guns

21. Rain & Crane

22. Unexpected Company Saves the Day

23. Sky Deck Dreamin’

24. Raisin’ the Rafters!

25. The Bad ‘s’ Word

26. “Girls rule…and guys think that, too.”

27. The Barnum and Bradbury Circus

28. In Mourning

29. A Door Into My Life

30. TREASURE At Cottonwood Creek

31. May Mania

32. Real Construction Workers Wear Polka Dots

33. Scratching A Giraffe’s Ear and Kissing A Camel’s Lips

34. Butterfly, fly away

35. “Sand, kids, sand! Mama needs a new house!”

36. Tons of pictures

37. Parakaleo

38. Sky Diving


40. Time

41. Christmas

42. Perspective

43. “Keep your hands and arms inside the ride at all times.”

44. Strength

45. Light

46. Water

47. Nearing the Finish Line

48. The Gang’s All Here!

49. Gifts

50. Friends, family, gatherings, vacation, and construction…oh my!

51. Le Maison Du Poulet

52. Rolling with the punches…

53. Bee my Honey, and stop eating my flowers!

54. ANOTHER log house??

55. Summer 2015

56. Construction MADNESS! A THIRD cabin??

57. A Downton-Dickens Christmas!

4 thoughts on “List Of All Posts In Order

  1. Thank you so much!! Inspiring people like you is the only reason I bother to write any of it. :). Messages like this one fill my heart. I deeply appreciate your taking the time to tell me


  2. Ive just spent two evenings here in the UK reading your blog from start to finish (found it on LHBA Forum)
    What an amazing story of what must have been a mentally and physically draining few years.
    Its an inspiration to all those who like the idea of a handbuilt home without a mortgage hanging around your neck for 25yrs.

    You’ve got me researching land for sale in Texas!


  3. Hi Randi!
    I’ll look into that when I get to a computer. In the meantime, under search type “welcome to cottonwood creek”. That’s the first post. It should take you straight to it. Then I have direct links to each subsequent post at the end of each one. If search doesn’t take you there, go to the post “what is cottonwood creek” and click on the highlighted link that I have there. Good luck!


  4. I really want to read your story, it sounds so exciting! My husband and I are planning to take the class this June in Las Vegas, so I’m very interested to say the least.
    The problem is when I click on your blog posts, I get a warning that “the server could not prove that it’s, that it’s security certificate is from *”
    Then at Blog #45 Water, everything is fine and I can read your blog for the remaining posts.
    Do you have any ideas how I can read your first 45 posts?


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