Log Home Builders Association

In trying to decide who to turn to for our log home, there were tons of choices.  The one that seemed “too good to be true”, but turned out perfect, CHEAPEST, the most rewarding, and MORTGAGE FREE in the end of the build was Log Home Builders Association.  It’s a class. 

We traveled to Vegas (literally on a gamble) paying over $1000 total for us both to take the class they taught.  Money WELL spent! 

I highly recommend to anyone who’s interested in having a log home to turn to Log Home Builders Association.

My favorite show (seriously…I have the whole thing on DVDs) is Northern Exposure from the 80’s. All of the log homes, including Maurice Minifield’s (the mansion) was built by the man who started this organization. Skip Ellsworth.  He created his own unique method for building sound log homes that don’t rot, settle, or become targets for bugs.  His original home was built in the 60’s and is still sound.  His method totally differs from all of the other log home builders.  He was approached decades ago to please teach his method.  His classes are still being taught today, and log homes using his unique method are being built all over the world, still today. We are one of them. 

His son teaches the class now.  

The homes can end up being as small or big as you want, and whatever design you want…though we took the simpler approach of a square. It’s worth looking into, if log home living is your dream. 

We are now mortgage free, have loads of great memories of family time building, and don’t have a settling house that requires lowering the roof or windows shifting, which other log homes contend with. 

Take the class. Search their site. I recommend it.  The class/organization had nothing at all to do with my writing this.  It was my choice because I’m so pleased with the final result.  

6 thoughts on “Log Home Builders Association

  1. Hi! No…but they usually have them 2-3 times a year. Check their webpage, it should say :). I’ve been writing 2 new posts over past few days, publishing this week with lots of updates!


  2. Any idea when the LHBA will have another class been waiting for one! Have a small project in mind for my property.


  3. I remember the first time I took the class in Vegas. I that want a wonderful project if you love cabins. I could always buy a piece of land and hire a builder a cabin I would not be proud of because it wasn’t a true log cabin. Now, I’m searching for help/ labor to built this cabin in big bear California. It was wonderful that you shared your story. Now I hope to share my story getting this project built instead of buying a over priced cabin/home. Thank you



  4. Aloha! I’m so glad I’ve found your blog as my husband and I are taking this same long building class next month! I was wondering if you’d be open to my asking a few questions via private email. I’ve become a wee bit anxious looking through your posts and thought you may be able to put my mind at ease about a few things! Thanks again for this great blog!


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