Moving Indoors

(If you’re on this page, I’m assuming that you’ve already read the posts called “Welcome to Cottonwood Creek,” and “Buying a 25′ Tall Teepee“, and “Age and Youth Collide“.   If you haven’t, then this post won’t make much sense.  This blog is a continuous story, rather than random posts.  You might want to start from the beginning.)

But, for those of you crazy people who have hung in there through my hot air and typing marathon, bear in mind that all of this construction occurred back in May/June of summer 2012.

Here is Steve getting ready to install a stained glass window in the Master Bedroom wall of our Bed and Breakfast.  That’s the bathroom to his left.

This is an open floorplan.  You walk in the front door and the living room and kitchen are directly in front of you.  The bedroom is the right.  Then there’s a loft above the bedroom that will have 2 twin-size beds.   That back wall is the kitchen.

Here’s a view of the loft.  Now, there’s a window up there.

Here’s a picture from the front (as of July 2012).  My mother-in-law’s employee (who gave us this childhood house of hers) is named Pat.  Pat and her sister Bernice’s daddy was Pete McGuire.  To honor him and their family home, we have named this cabin “The McGuire House” of Cottonwood Creek.  Perhaps someday you’ll stay here, and you’ll know all the hard work that went into making it the getaway it is.

Here’s the Master bedroom wall.  We did something called “chinking”.  It’s boards with concrete or mortar between them.  These pictures are “before”.

Here’s “after”.

Remember that all the wood we’re using is between 100-150 years old.  We want this cabin to look like it’s been tucked in the woods for that long.  It’s rustic, to say the least.  Rustic isn’t for everyone..but I have a deep appreciation for it.  These boards have seen many families and generations over the years.  I feel blessed to be able to give them a new life.


Our great friends the Shockeys came to visit us at the McGuire House.  We roasted hot dogs, shot guns, and chilled out (as best you can in the upper 90’s) on the front porch.  Love random visits from friends. Makes the whole process more fun and personal!


Did I mention that there’s mess everywhere?   It’s driving me crazy.  I have to keep reminding myself “This too shall pass.”  But just look at all the FREE building supplies God handed us when we simply complied with His vision.

We could’ve ignored the “idea” of building the B&B, and brushed it off as just our imaginations. We could’ve looked at our checking account and financial IMpossibility of making this “idea” actually come into existence. But, none of that would be “walking in faith”.   A vision or picture of this house entered both Steve’s and my minds…in detail.   We asked God if it was His next plan for us, or if it was just our weirdness.  We sought wise counsel, who ALL agreed we should do it.   Then, with no money to fund it, we said “Ok”…???  And now this is what’s happening as a result.   (If this isn’t stepping out of the boat and walking on water towards Jesus, then I don’t know what is.)


This is “my” tool.  My favorite tool.  I use it to cut floor boards, beadboard, batten boards, and am actively thinking of ways to use it in my kitchen for my cooking.  (You think I’m kidding.)  Surely there’s SOMETHING I can use it for; seems such a shame to put it away.  I love this saw.  I think I’ll keep it.

However, this tool is of the Devil. I’m convinced of it.  And, I’m quite positive our neighbors already hate us when we use it.  I’m surprised our ears still work.  It’s a planer.  It’s the tool we use to strip the old paint off the beadboard, etc, without taking it all off.  It’s extremely handy…but inflicts great torture on its user and anyone within a two-state radius; perhaps even all 50.  Did you hear it?  If so, I’m terribly sorry.

Here is some of the bead board after being “planed” .  I know, I know…can’t tell.  Still looks old and crappy.  But, this is where you need to use your imagination…


Those white boards framing the window was the old family mantle that used to be around the fireplace.  It was too huge and too battered to use the whole thing, so we reduced it, and made it the first thing you see when you walk in the door.

My mother-in-law had a huge Mesquite tree in her backyard.  It was needing to be cut down.  They had planted it when Steve was a small boy…so it was 30 years old.  She had it cut down and milled into boards….long before we ever went to Fredericksburg, or thought of building this building.  So, we used some of it for the kitchen counter.  Again…FREE.

The girls enjoyed this.  The sander vibrated a lot, making their hands tickle, and it moved around all by itself, requiring the girls to manhandle it.  They thought it was hilarious and kept arguing over whose turn it was.  Hmmm..  I remember once upon a time the arguments were over toys, then tv shows…but now power tools??

The next post is “Who Needs Windows While Driving?“.

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