TREASURE At Cottonwood Creek

It has been a solid 2 weeks (I think?) since the last posting.  Not a lot of flooring has been accomplished in that time, because we have had a surge of visitors, and other exciting events.    We’re expecting at least 3-4 more families (that we know of so far)…coming from as far as Ohio, to see us in the next 2-3 weeks (plus other upcoming events).  Or should I say they are coming to see the house and b&b.  No one in their right mind would come just to see “us”.

Updated pictures of our current progress with the house are near the bottom.  But, here are some pics from over the past 2 weeks of visitors and family.  Remember that everything you’ll see in this posting occurred in only 14 days, on the days Steve wasn’t working at the station or laying floor, and when the girls weren’t schooling…















Every day has brought other kinds of blessings, in addition to visitors.  Steve and I got to go turkey hunting with a guide.  It was wonderful to sit outside and admire the trees and nature, relax, and wait.


The girls got to go with grandma (Meega) to the Alamo, and Rainforest Cafe.

And Steve and I got a date night, on a -different- day than turkey hunting!  (PINCH me!)



One of our blog readers is from San Antonio. She has contacted us and wants to come out to help, or just hang out.  We are looking forward to meeting you, Carolyn!

Another “log looker” stopped by today to tell us that he’s driven by many times and wanted to ask us questions about the whole thing.  He was intrigued.  Our friends Randy and Emma McDaris were here at the time, and finally saw what we mean by “log lookers”.   That always makes us smile.

A few days ago, we came out to lay floor.  We pulled in, and there was Jacob, our neighbor (pure gold!), tools in truck, wanting to help Steve get the floor done quicker!  He is such a blessing.  Here he is working.



Here are some updated pics.






Whew!  Quite a lot in just 2 short weeks!  (And I just know that I’m forgetting stuff. ???)

We’re all familiar with the saying “Home is where the heart is,”  and  “Where your treasure is, there your heart will also be.”  (Matthew 6:21)  These quotes describe exactly how I have felt during this whole process with visitors, and such quality time with my family and friends.

Thank you for being a part of it, just by reading.  We continue to hear from people weekly through texts, private Facebook messages, emails, or comments via the blog.  (If you want to email me, it’s

Cottonwood Creek is our home…but is quickly becoming SO much more than that, because of all of you (reading like you’re doing right now), and your response to it.  It is our great desire and hope you can come visit us here, someday, as others are doing, and let us give you the 10 cent tour.  Fish.  Sit around the fire.  Chat.  Go for walks around the wooded 11-acres.  But, as you can clearly see, just reading about it has brought you into our home and lives, already.

The next blog post is “May Mania!

If you just stumbled on this blog and don’t know what it’s about, click here: ‘What is Cottonwood Creek“.  If you want to start from the beginning, where we buy the land and build a 130-year old guest house on it, click here: “Welcome to Cottonwood Creek”.  If you want to read the beginning of our log house build, click here: ‘What do Vegas and logs have in common?’  




4 thoughts on “TREASURE At Cottonwood Creek

  1. Hi Julie! Thank you for writing! I’m so glad you’re enjoying our story.
    As for the floor, yes, we did insulate, but way after moving into it. We hired a spray foam insulation company to crawl under the house and cover the whole underside in spray foam insulation. Did the same spray foam above ceiling boards too…just under the metal roof.


  2. Hi! I know this is an older post, but I was just curious…do you not insulate the floor at all? Is that just because of the Texas climate?

    I am loving your blog, and have read all the posts in awe, hoping that one day my family can do the same!


  3. It’s so great to hear from you, Ricky! I can’t believe she’s engaged!! How exciting!! Lots of wedding plans to be made now. I still think of her being little with her long blonde braids. Always will. 🙂 We would love and adore to see you guys, and hang out by the pond and catch up. Give us a whistle!


  4. Wow, it is so fun to read and watch what yall are doing! Lynda and I were talking the other day and we want to try to find time to come down and see ya’ll and to look at what ya’ll are doing. It seems so long ago that we saw ya’ll when you took Haley’s graduation pictures, so I thought I would let you know she is engaged now, not a dad’s idea for his little girl right now but she is all grown up and getting ready to graduate from Texas A&M!!!! Well I hope you and Steve are doing well, it looks like it, but maybe we will get down there some time.


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